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Grand Rapids Original Swing Society Code of Conduct

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Show Respect

  • Value Differences: Appreciate people’s opinions, beliefs, experiences, and viewpoints. Adjust your actions if they do not align with this goal.

  • Honor Boundaries: No one is obligated to dance, chat, interact, or explain their refusal.

  • Practice Kindness: Treat others the way they wish to be treated.

  • Respect Consent: Communicate clearly, using both verbal and non-verbal cues, always prioritizing respect.

Unacceptable Behavior

Engaging in inappropriate behavior can result in being asked to leave, or being banned. The Grand Rapids Original Swing Society reserves the right to refuse service if it benefits the community's well-being.

  • Prohibited Conduct Includes, but is Not Limited to:

    • Any form of harassment.

    • Ignoring consent or boundaries.

    • Dancing in a manner that could cause harm to yourself or others.


The Grand Rapids Original Swing Society is committed to fostering a community where inappropriate behavior is addressed constructively.

  • If you feel uncomfortable addressing someone directly, please speak with an organizer, front door volunteer, or designated contact person. You can also anonymously email us at

  • We are dedicated to creating a space that prioritizes everyone's safety. While we recognize our limitations, we strive to provide support, recommend external resources, and take necessary actions such as banning individuals. However, we may not be able to resolve all conflicts.


Creating a Safe and Enjoyable Community

is a Shared Responsibility

We welcome feedback and suggestions. Although it might feel impersonal to file a report, it is essential for us to document issues to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. Documentation is vital!


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